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Achievement in partnership: a shared commitment to academic excellence.

在彩票平台软件,彩票平台软件重视求知欲,并培养终身学习的精神. One of Oxford University’s Colleges for almost four centuries, generations of Pembrokians have investigated new ideas, challenged existing norms and pushed academic boundaries. We believe that a diverse mix of backgrounds and interests makes us stronger, 今天,彩票平台软件的社会以支持和脚踏实地的态度为特色, enriched by the contributions of each member.

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Are you excited about the opportunity to follow your academic passions? Ready to work hard and to be challenged and encouraged as you explore new ideas?


Our Community

Our community is enriched by the engagement and contributions of each person, bringing their own diverse perspectives to bear.

Undergraduates, graduates and academics learn from and alongside one another, collaborating and challenging. Our team of support staff take a down to earth approach, and alumni play an integral role in College life: supporting, mentoring and inspiring our students.

My Sixth Form College took part in several of Pembroke’s outreach projects. 我有机会参加了一个论文比赛,这使我能够详细地探索一个学位水平的主题(在我的情况下, genetic engineering). 通过这个过程,我发现了生物化学课程,并决定申请. The rest is history!

From playing Volleyball to organising the Pembroke’s 2019 May Ball, I have been able to get involved in lots of things outside of my course. 事实上,我的导师积极鼓励我在课程之外追求其他兴趣. With the financial assistance of Pembroke’s Rokos Scholarships, 我花了一个夏天的时间在牛津大学拉德克利夫医学院进行研究实习.

My favourite part of the course has been the fourth year, where I worked full-time on a project in one of Oxford’s research groups. I have been based in department of Biochemistry, 利用生物物理技术,如核磁共振波谱(NMR)来研究伴侣蛋白. 这让我培养了自己的分析和研究能力,为将来的学习和就业做准备.

In October, I will be starting a PhD at Imperial College London in Biophysics. Although I am slightly sad that my time here is soon over, I know that one never truly leaves Pembroke. 我将成为全球彩票平台软件校友社区的一员,拥有一生的朋友和回忆.

Matthew Peach (2017, Biochemistry)

“我选择彩票平台软件的最初原因在我在这里的日子里一直都很突出, such as the architecture, the engineering tutors, the halal food and the accommodation. Moreover, I hail from a small, 所以彩票平台软件的生活和社区并没有让人感到远离家乡是一个世界. 这无疑让我轻松了很多,我几乎立刻就在彩票平台软件安顿下来了.

工程课程充满挑战,不断将我推向新的极限, but I feel richer and more grateful for this opportunity with each passing year. In addition to the academic demands of my third year, I was elected as the President of the Oxford University Islamic Society, one of the University’s most active communities. In my final year project, 我将努力优化呼吸动力假肢,这是我非常期待的."

Faaria Khan (2017, Engineering)

Achieved First Class result in Part 1 Final Exams

作为一名研究生,你的大学在你的生活中扮演着不同于本科生的角色. In general, 你的大学扮演着一个支持和社区的角色——大部分实际的教学都发生在你的部门或你的导师所在的大学. 我通常会去MCR喝杯咖啡,聊聊天,以此开始我的一天, before heading to my department to work. Pembroke’s library is also extremely useful, 我的政治和国际关系论文需要大量的书籍(他们总是努力地为你订购书籍)!).

I chose Pembroke as a postgraduate student for two main reasons. First, 它的许多研究员都在从事我自己也想从事的研究, and there are opportunities to get involved in discussions of their work. The Changing Character of War Centre, for example, is based at Pembroke, 这给有兴趣的学生提供了一个听取该领域领袖意见的机会. 另一个原因是彩票平台软件大学强大的研究生社区——MCR——我听说过(没错)!) that it was extremely active and welcoming. It has been a great experience.

Rohan Watt (2019, MPhil International Relations)

I applied to Oxford with deferred entry, 所以,我花了一段时间才重新回到一年没有条理的学习中. However, 教学风格和被世界级学者包围的氛围,以及其他对他们的研究非常关心的人,可能是最具激励作用的因素之一, and one of the best things about Oxford in general.

The terms are so short and there is so much to do that time really does fly, 你经常会有一种想要做更多的感觉——想要对你的主题有更多的了解, to explore the city more, to meet more people. Each term makes me realise how much more I want to do, and keeps me motivated to come back for the next one.

Iona Neill (2020, German & Arabic)


Our alumni are a key part of the Pembroke community. From careers mentoring to speaking at special events, acting as ambassadors and making donations, there are a myriad ways in which they engage. 

There are some 9,000 Pembrokians around the world in all walks of life, and we aim to keep in regular contact with as many as possible.  

Venue Hire

We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in holding a conference, meeting or special event in Pembroke.

彩票平台软件专业的活动团队为从正式宴会到小型会议的策划和执行提供全方位的支持, plenary lectures to week-long summer schools. 彩票平台软件美丽的历史环境得益于综合的现代设施,所以您可以两全其美.

Achieving Excellence: Research


Our academics, from tenured professors to early career researchers and graduate students, 建立有助于探索跨学科问题和卓有成效的实际合作的关系. Undergraduates have the chance to get involved too, as part of your course or on a research internship.